Friday, September 22, 2017

Three Quick Tips to Instantly Sing Better

Anaïs Saint-Jude earned her PhD in French from Stanford University. Currently a relationship manager for LinkedIn Corporation, she has pivoted her career into sales. In her free time, Anaïs Saint-Jude enjoys singing. 

Singing provides a fun, yet often challenging, way to express oneself through music. Whether you want to become a worldwide musical sensation or simply embarrass yourself less the next time you karaoke, these three quick tips can help you to improve your singing ability. 

1. Open Up - Simply opening your mouth wider as you sing can help project a more powerful voice while also improving your tone. This tip rings true for vowel sounds as well, which will cause less strain while producing greater resonance. 

2. Avoid Dairy - Dairy products like milk and ice cream produce a lot of phlegm, which can be a singer’s worst enemy. Extra phlegm will get stuck in your throat and cause your voice to crack.

3. Warm Up - Singing makes use of the muscles in and around your throat, so warm up your muscles just like you would before exercising. Spend about 10 minutes performing vocal warm up exercises before you perform to ensure that your throat muscles are ready to go for your big number.

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